Writing is a habit. I say this because I seem to have fallen out of it this past year.
It is so easy to say “I’ll write that down later” or “if I put it on my desktop in plain view I’ll get around to it for sure.” What usually happens is that automatic dismissal of that project forms every time it catches my eye.

Here are some lessons I’ve learned (I re-learn them often.)

–Writing needs to be made a daily activity. It isn’t a matter of fitting it into your schedule it’s a matter of simply DOING it. Don’t skip out on it if you are too tired that day or feel too busy. Not so easy, I know.

–The life of a writer isn’t exactly cookie-cutter “go to work, get money, come home.” It’s: write, write, write, I-have-a-billion-other-things-to-do-right-now-but-I’m-going-to-write-anyway, write, write, write, research-publishing-companies-authors-and-writing-tips-till-your-eyes-blurr, write, write, write…

–Eating shouldn’t become an option.
It’s hard to write when you’re thinking about how hungry you are, no matter how interesting a conversation your characters are having.
Some people find it motivating to write first thing in the morning with breakfast as a reward for their work. However, I have found that extremely unhelpful so I eat first.

–Grabbing the opportunity to write whenever you feel motivated is key to getting something written.
If you pass those opportunities off then you lose some of your most powerful writing.
When you are passionate and interested in something a reader will notice it.
Not to say that is an excuse to not write when you don’t feel like it.

Is it October already? The 15th you say? Now I’m worried. It happens to be my birthday in a week and that always gets me into a reminiscing mood, thinking over the past year and what’s been done in it.

Here is my list of accomplishments:

~ I resolved to edit/write more of my books (that was done in short spurts and for short times)
~ Started writing articles for a magazine (before this year I didn’t think I had anything article-worthy but it seemed all that was needed was the right subject).
~ Planned a wedding (not on my own, thank goodness!) and got married.

~Started a writer’s book club called “The Signature Literary Society” with several other writing friends
~ Moved out of home and into an apartment with my husband
~ Bought books
~ Got a part-time job
~ Decided cooking wasn’t so bothersome after all!

In that order. Though, “bought books” MIGHT have been a “whole year” thing.

Next to getting married, my niece’s birth was my favourite event of the year 😀

I have some truly wonderful people in my life and a Father who loves me; this year was beautiful.