I have some big news! I’m 16 weeks pregnant! (The baby is 13 weeks in this picture)
My husband and I want the gender to be a surprise so we are trying to come up with girls and boys names we like. It’s a lot more difficult than I would have thought. I like names that have meaning and when you think about naming a human being it makes the responsibility a serious one. The baby is due February 8th so I am hoping to get my book Silver Blood all polished up before then.

For the past month or so I have been working with my sister in-law who is expecting a baby this December. She has a Masters in English and has been extremely helpful with editing. In fact, she’s been doing most of the work. I recommend her skills! We will be finishing up soon. I had hoped this to be the last big over-haul before sending out query letters to publishers but I recently read a chapter on editing in the book “From Inspiration to Publication.” put out by Writer’s Institute Publications. It mentioned some things to look out for in a manuscript that I had not thought of before. So I fear I shall have to tackle my book with editing one more time.

There’s a quote from a friend of mine that makes me laugh and sums up how I feel about editing:

Writing is the fun part, editing makes you wonder what was wrong with you when you wrote it…” – Karoline Bondyra

Editing is not my favourite part of writing. However, in the past few months I’ve slowly enjoyed watching my story get better and better. I have learned to love thinking of new ways to improve it. I’ve learned that there’s fun in improving, not just creating.

Is there any part of writing that you did not like but have learned to enjoy?