Soul Threads

A comedic romantic fantasy novella.

Pilder and Rilla Duskhand have been summoned to deal with a mysterious magical orb. No problem! Rilla is an expert in magical artifacts and Pilder is head of the Nascent Spells Department at the Anthurium. Except, when magic and wizards clash, things tend to not go as planned. Are they going to have to commit treason and call on an ancient magical source or can they find a way to serve their queen with a clean conscience?

Pilder’s wicked sense of humour and Rilla’s charm might not see them through this one!

“Soul Threads” is a witty clean romantic fantasy novella.

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Silver Blood

The first book in the Tales of Quith Christian Fantasy series.

Featuring: LOTS of dragons.

A curse. A deal. Death.

In a land divided and under constant assault, the lives of three friends diverge and intersect again; one path leading to safety and hope, another to power, death, and despair.

Coming soon! Publication slated for summer 2024!

When tragedy strikes, twins Meredith and Kaydin go into hiding from the Witch-Queen who wants them dead. While forced to keep their identities a secret, they meet and befriend Airith Shaver.

Airith’s life is, as far as he’s concerned, predictable. He’s destined for the king’s court and a life of military service. But a chance encounter with a wounded dragon leaves Airith infected with a deadly disease and a new goal in life: survive at all costs.

But what if the cost is his friends? His family? … His soul?

The twins are determined to reunite with their father. Along the way, they find themselves beset by bandits, meeting curious companions, and on the run from deadly vagwhar.

When the twins cross paths with Airith again, will it be the reunion they hoped for?