There’s something so wonderful and exciting about receiving a check for something I’ve written!

Sure, I’ve been paid much more for other work done but when I hold in my hands the proof that someone, somewhere is interested in what I have to say and believes my work worth paying for, well… it makes my soul glad. A part of me doesn’t want to cash in those checks just so I can frame them and hang them on the wall. “See this here? This is the fruit of my labors and believe me, it was labor.”
Writing is like giving birth, though it doesn’t give you physical pain it certainly can inflict much mental anguish.
I can honestly say the only reason I want to be paid for my work is so I can live off it and have the opportunity to write all the time.

It’s a well-known fact that writers aren’t paid much unless they hit the “best sellers” list, but without those other, lesser known, underpaid writers there wouldn’t be appliance manuals, interesting magazine articles, news papers, important letters (the sort the government send out to let you know that you’ve got tax returns) and a whole host of other written information we use every day.

I often get odd and worried glances from people when I declare that I am a freelance writer. I remember one lady lecturing me when I was fourteen on how unsuccessful and inconsistent a career that would be. Well, that may be but when you really love something and want it enough to push and force your way through the odds then perhaps you might just find yourself glad you never heeded their doubt in you.

Writing is always something you can improve on and it’s taken me awhile to get to this point (though there are many more points to reach) and until a year or so ago I was hesitant to say “I am a writer.” Instead, when asked, I would timidly glance around and mumble “I want to be a writer.” Now I have proof to back me up, I am, indeed a published writer and my dreams are slowly but certainly coming true.
It will not be said that I have tried and failed because, in fact, I have already succeeded! Though not all my aspirations have been reached, those few that have been, are the growing foundation and stepping stones needed to reach the higher ones.

Here is a short pep-talk for you uncertain and insecure writers/aspiring authors: confidence is important to keep you moving forward! If you don’t have it yourself, make sure you hang around someone who will give you some.