This is one of my poems that I am pleased with. It’s about how I feel when I hear a crow’s call in the early morning. It’s an eery sound and hauntingly beautiful feeling.

Ode to the Crow
by Grace Pringle
Ode to the crow in her sturdy nest,
Ode to the morning’s peace and rest.

Ye be a bird of dark intent,
You are the silence’s torment.
Yours is a lonely lament,
A call to shake, rip and rent,
The dawn’s slumbering calm.

Early light in the waking night,
The morning and darkness unite.
Stirring softly and glowing bright,
The peace takes flight,
Shattered by a harsh bird’s cry.

Ode to the crow, ode to the morn,
One cries out in scorn,
The other, to be born.