This is a poem I wrote about creativity (ie, drawing, writing). My husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) wrote the first two lines and told me to make a poem out of it and this is what I got! I love being married to a fellow writer <3
Drawing by Grace R. Pringle
Artistic at Length
by Grace R. Pringle
(and Stuart J. Pringle)
Artistic at length,
My sketchpad to cover with graphite and lead,
The images spawning straight out of my head.
The eyes staring back from the page
Are more than lines, they’re windows to another age.
The tries and fails and erased do not deface,
They make me grow in lines of grace.
Inspired at last,
My pencil spouts meaning and life,
Creating images far from rife.
The ideas in my mind,
Become my thoughts and ink combined.
Drawing is more than a skill,
It’s letting the illustrations inside, spill.
I don’t have to think,
Into my world of illusions I sink.
On their own my fingers move
I’m not entirely sure what they will do,
But I will find out soon.
The little details,
They illustrate without fail.
I am gone, lost on a journey of wind and sails,
Floating on a sea of fine points,
Worlds that draw themselves do not disappoint.
And colours so bright you could taste,
Leave impressions that never disintegrate.
Creating pictures out of lines and mind,
The two becoming intertwined.
It seems though,
That no matter how far I go,
I will never capture the spirit and life,
But I can always try.
My ambitions are high.
Pencil strokes, I am drawing on the canvas of life,
Forming everything in sight.