The Regal and Mysterious Bookcase

This is a post dedicated to my bookcases. 

Whenever I visit someone’s house I sneak over to their bookcases and peruse. I find that my bookcases make our apartment; they are what put people at ease and give it a cosy feeling. I feel slightly guilty that I haven’t read all the books I have, and that I keep buying more than I have room for. However, my husband quickly drowns out any complaining on the subject with: “You can NEVER have too many books!” And I believe him because of course he’s right. I do try to get rid of a book if I’ve read it and hated it, or read it and liked it and would never read it again.

An Ode to Bookcases

There is something about a bookcase that makes me curious,
Something about an empty one that makes me furious.
There is something about a bookcase that demands attention,
Something about a bookcase deserves mention.

I swear that my poems are sometimes clever!

If any of you have bookcases I would love to see pictures of them (filled with books of course >_> ). Link me to them if you want me to admire them too!

My bookcases:

The two on the right were a birthday present to myself this past October. 
Starting from the left: historical fiction and middle-grade fiction, science fiction, and mystery. 
 This is my favourite shelf: fiction <3
 Even my daughter has a book shelf. You can totally tell she’s into reading, too.
 The top shelf is titled: old-looking books. The last two are the Bible shelves with some classics.
The academic shelf. My husband’s English books from university, poetry, plays and at the bottom, info books.
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