There are many reasons why I decided to become a writer; here is a list of some of them.
I’d love to know your reasons for doing what you do, too!

Photo by: Kiuko

– I get to work from home.
Writing is something that I can do and still be a stay at-home Mom and house-wife. I have to balance those roles but it’s awesome to be all three.

– I make my own hours.
This is a good and bad one. Sometimes when I answer only to myself it becomes easy to take a day off, or several in a row… But, on the plus side it means I am not confined like I would be if I had to go to work at a certain time everyday. Though making work hours for myself does help me get things done. But I get to choose those work hours!

-The creative side.
Of course this is a big one. It’s thrilling to see a world you thought up come alive on paper. I love being able to entertain myself and let my mind run wild and be able to say that “I’m working!” The secret is not giving up when you don’t feel creative.

-Writer’s make awesome friends.
Because of writing I have met inspirational and amazing  people. When you meet another writer there is an automatic connection and hours and hours of interesting and wholesome conversation can be created. Also, knowing other writers creates a great support system. They encourage me.

-It keeps my mind active.
I find that writing keeps me from going numb mentally. It keeps the gears going in my head. When I haven’t done any writing or attempted to stretch myself creatively I do not think half as clearly as I should.

-Good literature.
One personal reason I want to write books is to create young adult literature that’s both entertaining and thought provoking. I am not impressed by pointless and empty “fluff” in books. I will admit that every now and then I want to read something mindless and easy but, on the whole, I crave books with substance.

Tips on staying Motivated when you are writing.