Following my previous post: link in which I confessed my love of dragons, I decided to do another post about them. In honour of this occasion I will post a scene from my book, Silver Blood.

          “Useless, she says; a screecher, she says. Well I’ll have her know I have earned a living off of my profession!” Zray mumbled to himself as he stumbled along through the woods with two spear-points at his back.
          The sun had just risen and the light was filtering down through the tree tops to the forest floor around him. Zray tripped over a root and mumbled, “I happen to have sung for The Duke of Gasbal and he complimented me on my pluckiness.”
          “Would you just be quiet!” one of the guards, a man with no hair on his head, snapped at him.
          “Let’s hurry up and get this done with,” the other guard spoke fearfully, “I do not like the look of this place, whole bands of soldiers have disappeared from these woods.”
          “You do not suppose it was because of dragons, do you? Because that would just be ridiculous…” Zray’s voice trailed off when he saw a huge scaly claw a few feet away. His eyes rose up very slowly to see the gigantic creature before him. Zray let out a sudden exclamation of surprise and took a step backwards. He tripped over his own feet and found himself on his back staring up at the largest meat-eating animal he had ever seen.
The dragon was brown with a gold sheen to his scales and had enormous, black, cat-like eyes. The dragon brought his head very close to Zray’s and studied the minstrel with one of his penetrating, onyx eyes.
Zray threw his arms up over his face to protect himself and yelled out franticly, “I’ll give you anything you want! Please do not eat me! I promise I taste terrible!”
          “You needn’t tell me that, I can see it for myself,” the dragon sniffed and pushed Zray with his snout. Zray’s eyes grew wide when he saw six coloured dragons standing behind the first. The minstrel got to his feet and brushed the dust off his coat. He laughed rudely when he saw Sisinta’s guards backing away fearfully from the largest dragons they had ever seen. As the two soldiers scattered in opposite directions, the brown dragon standing over Zray let out a roar and spoke with a thunderous voice, “Catch them! We cannot let them get away and give away our presence!” Two dragons streaked forward and pinned both soldiers down in mid run.
Zray put his hands on his hips and yelled after them, “So nowyou run! Cowards! Why are you afraid of a few little dragons? I bet you wish you had themon your side, eh?” Zray let out a yelp when he suddenly found himself abruptly pulled off his feet and hanging in the air by the brown dragon’s claws. Zray started yelling and kicking wildly and he let out a scream when, for a split second, he was thrown through the air and suddenly caught hold of by the dragon’s tail.
          “This is not proper behaviour for a dragon!” Zray shouted while beating the dragon’s tail with his fists. The brown scales were thick and the dragon just chuckled at the minstrel’s futile attempts. The dragon spread his majestic wings and leapt into the sky followed by the other dragons, including the two carrying the screeching soldiers in their massive claws.
          I thought you guys might like to see pictures of my dragon knickknacks. Here they are: 

This is a set of tea coasters my friend Sarah made and sent all the way from England.
One is for my husband, one for my daughter and one for me.
This one is my favourite. I found it in a shop while visiting my home town. It cost more than I’d normally spend but I liked it so much that I figured it was worth it. It used to be only painted grey, but I took some nail polish and painted the highlights.
I don’t remember exactly how I came by these but I use them all the time when I have tea. I like my tea…and my spoons!
This was a gift from my family, it’s snake-like but I like to think of it as a Chinese dragon. The little hammer is used to hit the bell.
This was a pendent I picked up at a garage sale. I added the beads.
This is my husbands. I received his permission to post a picture of it here 🙂
Do you have any knickknacks that you are particularly fond of? I’d like to see pictures! Post a link in the comments.